Each year, TJ Arts sponsors several annual scholarships for graduating high-school seniors living in West Jefferson Hills School District who study and excel in any facet of the arts.

This year, we are proud to offer up to $8,000 in scholarships!

Eligible students may study from a variety of artistic disciplines, including but not limited to performing arts, creative arts, visual arts, literary arts, media arts, and arts education. We have created a universal application for students to apply. All applications are due by April 17, 2023.

Visit our scholarship page to review the eligibility criteria and requirements for all applicants.

The winners of these scholarships are selected by an unbiased committee of teachers, independent artists, arts educators, and representatives of TJ Arts. TJ Arts reserves the right not to award a scholarship if the selection committee determines that no candidates provide sufficient materials.

TJ Arts is thrilled to announce that we are awarding nearly $7,000 to four deserving graduating seniors in the arts from Thomas Jefferson High School this year!

The following students were recognized at the TJHS Senior Awards Ceremony on May 25, 2022. We wish them well in their college studies!

Madeline Westwood‘s music training and skill made her an excellent candidate for the Matteo Music Scholarship and the Margie Liberati Memorial Scholarship for a total of $3,000 of support. The Matteo Music Scholarship is donated each year by Joseph Matteo in honor of his family, and the Margie Liberati Memorial Scholarship is given in memory of Margie Liberati by her family. Madeline plans to study Music Education at Duquesne University. Congratulations, Madeline!

Sabrina Reed‘s dance training and theatre program leadership helped her rise to the top for our brand-new scholarship of $1,982, the Class of 1982 Scholarship, which was created by an anonymous donor. Sabrina plans to study Telecommunications and Media at Penn State University. Congratulations, Sabrina!

Holly Hannon‘s commitment to the theatre and music programs at TJHS made her shine in the running for the TJ Arts Board Scholarship, an award of $1,000. Holly plans to pursue a BFA in Theatre at Point Park University. Congratulations, Holly!

Madelyn Panaiia‘s love of the theatre and understanding of its deep impact on people helped her win the $1,000 Kathy Cecotti Memorial Scholarship, which is given in memory of former TJHS teacher and director Kathy Cecotti. Madelyn plans to study Secondary English Education with a minor in Musical Theatre at Slippery Rock University. Congratulations, Madelyn!

TJ Arts is thrilled to announce that we are awarding $7,500 to four deserving graduating TJHS seniors in the arts this year!

Owen Zacharias has demonstrated an immense commitment to TJ Theatre, and his experience in technical theatre made him rise to the top of applicants for the Kathy Cecotti Memorial Scholarship, TJ Arts Scholarship, and Founders’ Award. Owen plans to study Theatre Design/Production at Point Park University. Congratulations, Owen!
Logan Raymond‘s vocal talents made him an ideal candidate for the Matteo Music Scholarship and the Margie Liberati Memorial Music Scholarship. Logan plans to study Music Education at Duquesne University. Congratulations, Logan!

New this year, the Matteo Music Scholarship will be renewed for a second annual $1,000 award next year, pending Logan’s academic status.
Ashley Renk‘s visual artistry made her an outstanding candidate for the TJ Arts Scholarship. Ashley plans to study Graphic Design at the Pratt Institute. Congratulations, Ashley!
Nathan Mutale demonstrated his leadership in the theatre department and is recognized as a winner of the Kathy Cecotti Memorial Scholarship. Nathan plans to attend Temple University to study Broadcast Journalism. Congratulations, Nathan!

To allow students a little extra time to submit their scholarship applications, we have extended the deadline for all submissions to Monday, April 19, 2021. After that time, we will no longer accept applications.

If a student has trouble submitting any part of the application, they should email contactus@tj-arts.org.

All applications can be found here. Good luck to those who apply!

This spring, TJ Arts plans to award up to $5,500 in awards and scholarships to graduating TJHS seniors studying the arts. All applications are due Monday, April 12, 2021.

The following opportunities are available:

  • Founders’ Award: This $500 award is conferred upon a most deserving graduating ITS (International Thespian Society) student who has been a leader in the performing arts at TJ.
  • Kathy Cecotti Memorial Scholarship: This $1,000 scholarship is awarded to a theater student who best emulates the qualities that Kathy Cecotti fostered in her students.
  • Matteo Music ScholarshipThis $2,000 scholarship will be awarded to a senior who intends to pursue some aspect of music in college.
  • Margie Liberati Memorial Music ScholarshipThis $1,000 scholarship will be awarded to a senior who intends to pursue some aspect of music in college.
  • TJ Arts ScholarshipThis $1,000 scholarship will be awarded to a senior who intends to pursue the creative or performing arts in college. 

Have questions about an application? Join our virtual “office hours”!

Monday, March 15 @ 7:30pm
Wednesday, March 31 @ 7:30pm

New artwork installed at high school

TJ Arts is proud to have commissioned “The Vision,” an original piece of art by Dennis Stocke that now hangs in the new Thomas Jefferson High School. The piece was unveiled at the grand opening of the new school on August 18, 2019.

With this commission, TJ Arts wanted to provide a gift to the new school:

  • that would stand as a physical legacy to represent the importance of arts in every child’s education;
  • that would provide an inspirational greeting in the central atrium of the new school; and
  • that would make the namesake of the school relevant to young people.

We are especially grateful to the following two TJ Arts groups most involved in this project.

9 current Board of Directors:

  • Founding members – Katie Conaway, Julia Malecki, Karen Suszynski, & Dawn Walters
  • Other members – Carolyn Bourgeois, Jason Brinker, Rebecca Brinker, Craig Conaway, & Jay Suszynski

9 Art Committee members:

  • Core members – Carolyn Bourgeois, Mary Culbertson-Stark, Jane Ogren, & Karen Suszynski
  • Other members – Michael Ghilani, Ed. D., Kirk Salopek, Ryan Snodgrass, John Thatcher, & Dawn Walters

We hope that the students, faculty, and residents of West Jefferson Hills School District enjoy this gift for years to come!