TJ Arts is proud to have commissioned “The Vision,” an original piece of art by Dennis Stocke that now hangs in the new Thomas Jefferson High School. The piece was unveiled at the grand opening of the new school on August 18, 2019.

With this commission, TJ Arts wanted to provide a gift to the new school:

  • that would stand as a physical legacy to represent the importance of arts in every child’s education;
  • that would provide an inspirational greeting in the central atrium of the new school; and
  • that would make the namesake of the school relevant to young people.

We are especially grateful to the following two TJ Arts groups most involved in this project.

9 current Board of Directors:

  • Founding members – Katie Conaway, Julia Malecki, Karen Suszynski, & Dawn Walters
  • Other members – Carolyn Bourgeois, Jason Brinker, Rebecca Brinker, Craig Conaway, & Jay Suszynski

9 Art Committee members:

  • Core members – Carolyn Bourgeois, Mary Culbertson-Stark, Jane Ogren, & Karen Suszynski
  • Other members – Michael Ghilani, Ed. D., Kirk Salopek, Ryan Snodgrass, John Thatcher, & Dawn Walters

We hope that the students, faculty, and residents of West Jefferson Hills School District enjoy this gift for years to come!

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