TJ ARTScast Season 1: Episode 2: Student Arts Opportunities

In our second episode, our listeners discover some student opportunities offered locally and in Pittsburgh and the importance of such opportunities.

  • Amy Heathcott, Programming Chair for TJ Arts, talks about scholarships, an award and the STArts Program that TJ offers.
  • In “City Snapshot” Jessica Cook meets up with Carmen LoPresti at Duquesne University who won the TJ Arts Founders’ Award and also attended City Music Center.
  • Natasha Snitkovsky, co-founder of the City Music Center, talks about the amazing music school at Duquesne University that she helped to create which serves a comprehensive music program following a European model to school-aged children.
  • In “The Big Picture” Julia Malecki describes some current findings about the importance of  arts education for children.


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