TJ Arts believes that all children of West Jefferson Hills should have the opportunity to follow their dreams.  To that end, we have created the STArts program.  This program will offer free and discounted lessons and classes in the arts for students who have shown artistic promise or interest, would like to study an art form beyond the boundaries of the classes offered at WJHSD, and whose families may not be able to afford the extra cost.  Students who apply now will begin lessons/classes in the fall.

To apply to participate in the STArts program, click here.

Who is eligible to apply?

Any WJHSD student who will be in grades K-12 in the next school year who has shown artistic promise or an interest in the arts and whose family is unable to afford classes or lessons.

What are the criteria?

  1. The student must have shown some kind of artistic promise or keen interest in the arts.
  2. The family of the student must have some circumstance that would make such lessons unaffordable.
  3. The student must fill out a brief application and write a statement of intent.
  4. Parents must write a statement of financial need and submit the page of their most recent tax return showing adjusted gross income.
  5. Additionally, students may choose to submit an optional teacher recommendation.

Which arts are available?

Applicants must select one of the following: theatre, musical theatre, vocal music, instrumental music, dance, visual arts/media, or literary arts.

Must the applicant designate the class or teacher desired?

No, TJ Arts will match students with teachers/classes that are most appropriate.  Applicants are encouraged to  request a specific teacher or school; however, we cannot guarantee that we can meet all such requests.

Must the student have attained a certain level of proficiency in the art form to be studied?

No.  Students can range from beginners seeking first exposure in an art form to students of high proficiency seeking a master teacher.

For what length of time does TJ Arts commit to providing these lessons?

For two semesters (fall and spring), contingent upon a satisfactory progress report at the end of the first semester