The following actions are expected of each member of the board of directors.

1.  Commit to making 2/3 of board meetings for year – 8 meetings out of 12.

2.  Commit to attendance at major fundraisers for the year (e. g. Sweet Sweet  Jazz, ARTS Day, Mad Mex Benefit, etc.). Certainly, extenuating circumstances and unforeseen emergencies that prevent attendance are understood.

3.  Commit to volunteering with local fundraising at least some time during the year.

4.  Donate any amount to the organization at least once every 12 months.

5.  Lend your expertise to TJ Arts in some way throughout the year. Serve on at least one TJ Arts committee.

6.  Help attract new donors to TJ Arts.

7.  Be positive ambassador for TJ Arts within communities of WJH.